Want to donate towards the fees for Nym?

We have four options:

  • Donate towards Nym’s adoption fee ($1150) (~22% funded*)
  • Donate towards Nym’s supply fees ($~350) (~0% funded)
  • Donate towards Nym’s training program fees ($~500) (~0% funded)
  • Donate towards Nym’s emergency vet fund ($500) (~0% funded)

You can donate to a specific cause, or donate to whatever needs help.

Donate towards Nym’s fees

Please leave a comment that states that this is towards Nym. This paypal also receives donations for a game blog and scripting website, and we need to know which funds go to which blogger. You are free to mark this as a family and friends monetary transfer if you like, which does not charge fees to our account.

*22% of the funding for the adoption fee, equal to the deposit, is being made from the sale of Typo’s computer.