Puppy Supply List

I’m certain this is bound to change over time, but it’s never too early to start thinking about everything I’m going to need.

First, we have the basics:

  • Collar with ID tags
  • Leash-4 ft/1.2m
  • Food-Sample of current food, and new food.
  • Food/Water bowls
  • Crate
  • Bed

Then we have the travel items, some of which are only really needed to bring Nym home:

  • Travel Crate (For use until housetraining is complete)
  • Travel harness and seat belt hook (For use after housetraining.)
  • Travel food/water bowls
  • Item from home/the breeder (The scent will help to comfort her.)

Then we have the miscellaneous extras, not entirely necessary to get beforehand:

  • Toys (training, learning, chew and mental stimulation)
  • Taste deterrent (Mainly to protect my precious laptop charger and tablet, but also for discouraging unwanted chewing.)

There’s also training items:

  • Training leash-20 ft/6m
  • Training aids (Clicker)

Grooming items:

  • Brushes
  • Dog-safe shampoo
  • Nail clippers
  • Grooming table
  • Coat clippers

And emergency items:

  • Dog first-aid kit
  • Dog-safe medications (For my current area, primarily allergy/bee sting.)


Some of these items can be purchased later on, but some will be needed from the start. Some, like the crate, can actually be found in garage sales for cheap if I stake them out beforehand, or bought off Craigslist for a fraction of the price of buying the item new. In fact, both the crate and the grooming table will almost certainly be gotten this way if possible. Some of the other items, like the bowls and grooming supplies, must be bought new for sanitary reasons.

This is the current list. I expect it to change over time, and I know some of it can’t be bought until after Nym is home, such as food and ID tags. (Though I may buy the tag and have it engraved before picking her up.) Some of it will need buying prior to pick-up, or loaning if I can’t afford to buy it. I know of people who may be willing to loan me a travel crate for the first few days, so I can pick her up and take her to her first vet appointment.

Other items will be needed with time. I fully expect to have to buy more than one collar as she grows; however, part of the fun of getting a poodle is accessorizing them with a few nice collars or bandannas.

There’s one more important item I will need, and that will be her harness, but more on that as time draws nearer.



First Call to Breeder

Yesterday marked my first phone call with the chosen breeder.

Some backstory: I started with three desirable traits that I wanted in a dog, and a timeline. In the end, I picked the Standard Poodle. My goal is to be ready for an early 2017 litter. My plans for the dog include Agility and Obedience, but I have no desire to breed-show or breed, so I’m opting for limited registration.

Yesterday, I actually got to speak with the breeder I had chosen for the first time. We discussed the basics, including the adoption and payment process, what I valued in a dog, and preferences (I have a gender preference, female, but any color other than white is fine.).

After mentioning my goals, the breeder actually informed me that they have a set of parents with AKC titles in Agility, and offered me a pup from a litter. This completely changed some things. Initially, I was hoping to do agility for fun. I enjoy watching agility and flyball competitions on YouTube. But now, I’m actually looking at a professional agility-bred puppy and… I can’t believe it. Twelve year old me would have wet themselves in excitement. This is a dream come true.

One of my other conditions, which I didn’t mention to them, is that I want to come out to the farm and pick the puppy up personally to take it home. Shipping is already ridiculous for animals, and I am close enough for this to be a day trip. Thankfully, this breeder is open to visits, so I am certain this will be possible. (If it isn’t, I really should re-think things and go with someone else….)

It may be eleven months out, but knowing now is the best part. It gives me a reason to be excited and something to work towards.

On top of this is the knowledge that the only reason I even gave Standard Poodles a chance is because I was unable to get in contact with any Old English Sheepdog breeders. The OES was my top choice by far, and I only have the opportunity I do because I simply could not get in touch with someone who knew the breed, and turned to my second choice.

We’ll find out later on how this works out for me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Timeline So Far

This is a timeline of the events that have occurred prior to blog creation.

  • January 18: Started search.
  • January 23: Initial Poodle breeder contact made via email.
  • January 28: Shiba breeder contact made via phone.
  • February 5: First call to a poodle breeder.
  • February 6: Final breed decision made.
  • February 9: First call to chosen breeder.

This is everything that has happened so far. I am planning to adopt in January 2017. My chosen breed is the Standard Poodle.

I’ve already picked a name, gender, and two possible registered names. This blog will document all further advances in my quest to get Nym, and our life together afterwards.