First Call to Breeder

Yesterday marked my first phone call with the chosen breeder.

Some backstory: I started with three desirable traits that I wanted in a dog, and a timeline. In the end, I picked the Standard Poodle. My goal is to be ready for an early 2017 litter. My plans for the dog include Agility and Obedience, but I have no desire to breed-show or breed, so I’m opting for limited registration.

Yesterday, I actually got to speak with the breeder I had chosen for the first time. We discussed the basics, including the adoption and payment process, what I valued in a dog, and preferences (I have a gender preference, female, but any color other than white is fine.).

After mentioning my goals, the breeder actually informed me that they have a set of parents with AKC titles in Agility, and offered me a pup from a litter. This completely changed some things. Initially, I was hoping to do agility for fun. I enjoy watching agility and flyball competitions on YouTube. But now, I’m actually looking at a professional agility-bred puppy and… I can’t believe it. Twelve year old me would have wet themselves in excitement. This is a dream come true.

One of my other conditions, which I didn’t mention to them, is that I want to come out to the farm and pick the puppy up personally to take it home. Shipping is already ridiculous for animals, and I am close enough for this to be a day trip. Thankfully, this breeder is open to visits, so I am certain this will be possible. (If it isn’t, I really should re-think things and go with someone else….)

It may be eleven months out, but knowing now is the best part. It gives me a reason to be excited and something to work towards.

On top of this is the knowledge that the only reason I even gave Standard Poodles a chance is because I was unable to get in contact with any Old English Sheepdog breeders. The OES was my top choice by far, and I only have the opportunity I do because I simply could not get in touch with someone who knew the breed, and turned to my second choice.

We’ll find out later on how this works out for me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Timeline So Far

This is a timeline of the events that have occurred prior to blog creation.

  • January 18: Started search.
  • January 23: Initial Poodle breeder contact made via email.
  • January 28: Shiba breeder contact made via phone.
  • February 5: First call to a poodle breeder.
  • February 6: Final breed decision made.
  • February 9: First call to chosen breeder.

This is everything that has happened so far. I am planning to adopt in January 2017. My chosen breed is the Standard Poodle.

I’ve already picked a name, gender, and two possible registered names. This blog will document all further advances in my quest to get Nym, and our life together afterwards.